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Crystal Biosolutions

ABOUT US | Crystal Biosolutions is based on more than 20 years of experiences in sales & marketing at large and medium-sized, world leading biotech and LifeScience companies.

WHAT WE DO | Crystal Biosolutions provides all kind of sales support, sales team training, sales & marketing services, management support for biotech and LifeScience companies.

HOW WE DO IT | Crystal Biosolutions advises, supports, plans, organises, trains and manages by putting hands on, taking up the phone, travelling, talking about products to the customers of their clients.

About Dr. Hahnau-Jurth


What we stand for


Clarity & Genuineness

Clear communication, regular status reporting and documentation, transparent invoicing.


Quality and Professionalism

Over 20 years of experiences in sales & marketing management, broad product knowledge, large international network


Reliability and Commitment

Building up long-lasting customer relationships, generating of sustainable cost savings and economical consolidation

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