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We offer both types of trainings, custom trainings and ‘open classes’.

Custom trainings are requested and defined by our clients and may be either conducted in the client’s facilities or in other venues to be determined by the customer. Contents will be adopted to the individual requirements of the contractee. These trainings need to be requested by the booking form.

‘Open classes’ are open for attendees of different companies. They are offered on a regular base with fixed contents on fixed dates in the same venue close to Berlin (see our calendar below with upcoming dates). Our ‘open class’ courses are typically for small groups of max. 5 persons (larger classes are possible upon request). Usually, it is a physical one day event (from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.). Tickets can be booked through the calendar tiles below.

All courses can be conducted in German or English language (please indicate your preference upon registration) and are classified into two groups, level A (basic level, for beginners) and Level B (advanced level, for intermediate and advanced persons). Registration deadline for the ‚open classes’ is 4 weeks ahead of the training. For the custom trainings, the notice period is 6 weeks.

Prices are depending on the total no. of participants, starting with max. 1.995,- EUR p.p. for 1 person, descending with increasing no. of attendees. The ‘open class’ fees include costs for preparation time, course material, meeting room and catering. Prices for custom trainings need to be requested individually.

All trainings are now also available as Zoom digital courses for significantly reduced pricing, ranging from 399,- EUR up to 998,- EUR.

From road to homeoffice – hints & tricks for successful selling

This course is addressed to sales representatives in biotech or lifescience industries who used to work in the field before, and are now bound to their office desk expected to achieve the same goals and targets as before. Attendees will learn hints and tricks for successful selling from the desk, how to organize their office-based work and how to approach and interact with customers on the phone. The course will not only provide useful phrases for a successfull phone appraoch but will also touch elements of leads identification and qualification as well as key account management.

Sales Organisation

This course is addressed to young sales representatives. Attendees will learn how to organize their own territorial and office-based work, how to approach and interact with customers on the phone and in the field, they will learn about leads identification, acquisition and qualification and how to distinguish between accounts and key accounts. Furthermore, they will get introduced to account management, quote- and sample management as well as into reporting and forecasting.

Telephone sales

Telephone Sales – How to get a commitment on the phone. This Level A basic training course is addressed to both inside sales representatives and young field sales staff of LifeScience companies. Attendees will learn how to analyse their own company’s features, they will create their own ‘elevator pitch’ and practice it in simulated sales calls. They will get hints for a successfull phone approach of leads and customers and learn how to interact with them in order to get the commitment they are aiming at. Handling of objections and excuses as well as price negotiations round off the topics of this course.

SPIN questioning technique – Basics

This course is addressed to intermediate level sales representatives who want to improve their customer talks with professional techniques. The attendees will learn the general principles of SPIN questions and how to use SPIN in practical situations.

SPIN questioning technique – Advanced / Individual

This course is addressed to intermediate level sales representatives who want to improve their customer talks with professional techniques. The attendees will learn how to adopt the SPIN questions to their own products and how to use the product-specific SPIN questions in interaction with their customers.

Key account management

This course is addressed to intermediate/advanced level sales representatives. The attendees will learn how to analyse and to manage a key account. They will learn how to use dedicated tools and how to set up an individual key account plan.

Distributor management

This course is addressed to channel managers. The attendees will learn how to select and evaluate an appropriate distribution partner. They will be introduced to specific managerial tools and will understand how to set up a sales & marketing plan with their distribution partners. Finally, they will be taught how to evaluate and improve the performance of their distributors.

Sales team management

This course is addressed to young medium- and advanced-level sales team leaders. The attendees will learn about different team management styles and management goals. They will understand how to assess the capabilities and the potential of their team members, how to set goals and objectives and how to conduct appraisal talks. Also coaching for success and coaching for improvement are part oft he agenda.

Tradeshow training

This course is addressed to all level sales representatives. Participants will learn how to prepare for their presence at a tradeshow, how to organise themselves within the booth staff group, how to appraoch and deal with booth visitors. They will learn about the DOs and DONT’s during the exhibition appearance of their company and will take home some usefull hints for an efficient and effective leads follow-up after the show.

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