1. Consider yourself rather a consultant, than just a seller! – Show your customer that you understand his work, know your products and demonstrate technical expertise. If you realize that a product would probably not fit your customer‘s application, don’t recommend it!
2. Before you leave, …
a) … ask for references: who else of the organisation might be interested in your products?
b) … make an appointment for~ or an announcement of your next visit! – And keep it!
3. Always answer requests and promises instantly (don’t exceed 1 day waiting time)! The longer you wait the more your talk fades out and customer may become icreasingly indifferent.
4. Consequently follow up every activity by phone, wether you mailed additional information, sent a quote or shipped a product sample for testing. Show your customer you are involved and dedicated.
5. Be reliable in terms of appointments and promises!
6. Supply your customer with a ‚plus‘ of something! Whatever this may be… surpise your customer!
7. Don‘t leave without a commitment! Ask your customer to do something for you, that might just be an information by when he will get back to you with a decision – And follow it up!
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