Out of one’s depth – Especially at the current circumstances of the pandemic, many companies tend to pass on administrative and other non-sales related activities to their office-bound sales people. However, it doesn’t make sense to withdraw sellers from sales just because their field of action has (temporarily) shifted from outside to inside. Sales reps want to sell and they should sell! They are not marketing, logistics, product management or order order entry experts. The transmission of tasks from outside someones subject area, even though just temporarily, can lead to an increased error rate, insecurity and frustration of the empolyees affected. At the end of the day, this does not help anyone! – So, why not make better use of this time and have sales teams professionally trained according to the new challenges? – Crystal Biosolutions offers various trainings for BioTech and LifeScience field sales representatives, also with focus on sales priorities in the home office (https://crystal-biosolutions.com/training/#overview). In order to overcome staff shortages in other departments, Crystal Biosolutions can take on various marketing and management tasks. In this way, sales representatives can be freed up for their original purpose, the sales (https://crystal-biosolutions.com/consulting/#services).