It is not the strongest individual or the most intelligent one that survive but the most responsive to change. – Due to COVID-19, as sales people we are realizing a lot of changes going on within our customers as well as in our own everyday work. When we used to be in the field 5 days a week before, we now need to achieve the same goals and targets from our office desks. And even if most of us are looking forward to the upcoming times beyond COVID-19, may some of the current changes survive continuously and will thus need to be intergated into our routines. We are getting a vague premonition that it is crucial in the long run to adopt different strategies and communication tactics in dealing with leads and customers… but what is the right scheme to apply? which is the most successfull way to communicate? – Join our Crystal Biosolutions trainings providing you with useful hints, tricks and tools to efficiently persue new opportunities and successfully approach new accounts in a changing environment.