Much invested but still lost! – Many companies invest a lot of money and effort in marketing campaigns, such as email blasts and product sample campaigns, without ultimately achieving the desired success. Response rates of less than 0.1% from thousands of addresses and zero responses to samples sent are not uncommon. But what are the reasons? Wasn’t the content of the email appealing? Didn’t the advertised products match the recipient? Has the sample even reached the right user? or did it possibly arrive at an inappropriate time? There is a lot to speculate, but if you don’t ask the customer directly, you won’t get any answers! Marketing experts often do not have the technical expertise to talk to customers about the performance of a product sample, and field sales reps usually do not have the time to spend hours on the phone. Crystal Biosolutions can help making your marketing campaigns more successful. Tracking sales and marketing campaigns is an essential part of our service portfolio. Contact us or make an appointment at