[Mainz&, 16.07.2020] “Disinfectants are considered to be the remedy of choice in the fight against the novel coronavirus, but most chemical coshs are far from harmless: most of the conventional agents can cause severe irritations, poisonings and damages of skin, liver, lungs and nerves, warn chemists and hygiene experts – parents saw this already in their children’s schools before the summer holidays  […]. Rough cracked skin of the hands, even with bloody spots – this is what parents are currently experiencing with their children. Since the schools in Rhineland-Palatinate have reopened, strict hygiene rules have been established  […]. Children have to disinfect their hands several times a day – with aggressive disinfectants. After every school lesson, after each break, after the toilet, six to eight times a day his 11-year-old daughter had to disinfect her hands, as a father from Ingelheim reports: “Hand disinfection was mandatory.” His daughter had carried “cracked, dry hands, sometimes bloody spots between her fingers,” “that really hurts,” the man reports  […] . Especially the sensitive skin of younger children can be severely damaged by disinfectants.

Disinfectants are currently considered as a mean of choice to dam coronavirus, but experts warn that the active ingredients can cause highly harmful irritants and even health damage. Many of the ingredients in disinfectants are carcinogenic, allergenic, lung and liver-damaging […] . They destroy the structure of the skin and cause cracked, dried-out areas  […]. However, experts […] also warn to use creams,  which literally attract microorganisms and bacteria and even increase the risk of infection.” (https://www.mainzund.de/schaedliche-desinfektionsmittel-in-schulen-aus-zeitmangel-eingesetzt-experten-haendewaschen-reicht/)

Crystal Biosolutions disinfectants are based on ammonium compounds that are much more skin- and material-friendly than alcohol- and acid-based agents. They do not contain any other toxic or allergenic components, they are approved by the authorities and biodegradable.